Spinach Omelette with Cinnamon Bread

Breakfast time!!! I made my boyfriend a spinach omelette with mozzarella cheese.

First, I chopped up some fresh baby spinach:

Next, I heated a skillet on medium and sprayed it with Pam. I combined four eggs (removing three yolks) and scrambled them together. Then I added about 1/8 cup shredded Mozzarella and the chopped spinach.

Meanwhile, I sliced some whole wheat bread into halves and spread a little bit of butter on them. I sprinkled 1 packet of Sugar in the Raw (which was enough for the six slices) on top. I broiled (heat to 500F) the bread for about 5 minutes, until it was nice and crispy.



Omit the mozzarella cheese if you want to be a little healthier. Combine four egg whites with half a yolk. I made it this morning for breakfast to gear up for a big day of studying….federal jurisdiction. Fun….

This is a great way to get your sweets cravings out of the way in the morning!


October 31, 2011

I made a variation of this omelette: I used a LOT more spinach and added mozzarella cheese.


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