Oreo Popsicles! (Celebrating my 100th post)

This blog is officially 100 posts old, and to celebrate, I have decided to make chocolate-covered Oreo Popsicles. I was looking online for a good recipe, and it seems that most people suggest making it with Wilton’s microwaveable chocolate. This seemed easy enough, so I got to work.

I went to Michaels and found white chocolate and light chocolate-flavored melting pieces. I also found popsicle sticks, small treat bags, twist ties, and sprinkles.

Here is the website where I found the tips and tricks on how to make these popsicles.


2 bags microwaveable Wilton chocolate pieces

1 package Double Stuf Oreo cookies

Popsicle sticks (I used the short ones)


Green foam block (the kind you use to make flower arrangements) to stick the popsicles in once you are done

Treat bags

Twist ties




Remove the tops off each Oreo. Twist them slowly so that they do not take any icing away with them. Stack the tops over to the side.

Insert a popsicle stick halfway down the Oreo side that has the icing. To make this easier, roll the popsicle stick into the icing as you insert it; otherwise it might break. I only broke one cookie the entire time; it works!

Melt a bit of the chocolate in the microwave, following the instructions carefully. Be careful not to over-melt it! It will get tough and you won’t be able to dip the cookies in it!

Dip the popsicle stick that you used to create an indentation in the Oreo side with the icing into the chocolate (I used the white chocolate for this part). Place the stick back in the Oreo and cover it with more chocolate. Place the cookie-only side of the Oreo on top and press down to sandwich the melted chocolate between the two layers. Do this for every Oreo. Once you are finished, make sure they are all flat on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and let them sit for AT LEAST five minutes. Even if you are impatient to keep going, you need to wait for that chocolate to solidify.

Then, melt the rest of the chocolate you will be using in a bowl for 30-second intervals. Dip each Oreo popsicle in the chocolate ( I ended up using a knife to spread the chocolate on each Oreo). Roll the popsicle in sprinkles, and place it on the wax paper with the popsicle stick facing the ceiling to cool.

Allow them to cool for about half an hour. Then, place each popsicle in a treat bag and tie with a twist. Insert each stick into the foam block, arranging it inside the container to make it look like a bouquet.

Oreo pops1Oreo pop2Oreo pops3Oreo pops4



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